Istituto Comprensivo di Cavallermaggiore

BOUNDLESS – corsi in presenza


  • Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers (Dublin)

APRILE 2022:

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Safety Skills in Finnish Education (Helsinki)
  • Teach with a Twist! Motivate your students with Creative Teaching Strategies (Berlin)
  • CLIL in Practice: Focus on Ireland

MAGGIO 2022:

  • Time to act. Non-formal education through in&outdoor methods to empower students active participation (Malta)


  • CLIL in Practice -Focus on Ireland 2
  • Broadening Horizons Through Outdoor Learning (Angra do Heroismo) 
  • Formations pour professeurs-Stage de perfectionnement linguistique (Vichy)

AGOSTO 2022:

  • Effective Pedagogies for 21st-Century Learning (Nizza)